Tuesday, August 4, 2009

You're looking good. A big strong line.

Buried in the minutiae of flying and buzzing vampires again. Sooner or later, I'll be getting around to some kind of thoughtful discussion of current music, but right now I'm just treading water until I get unstuck. Or unbugged. Or something.

So rather than bore you with more navel-gazing rockcrit twaddle (um, who am I kidding; no one's reading this shit), I figure it might be best to continue on the theme of weird-ass no-talents with this link.

So enjoy. Or not.


  1. Some people are reading this shit, actually. And those people need interesting shit to read when they don't want to read their own shit. So update, will you?

  2. I will. I just had my hard drive fail, and I'm working off an outboard firewire HD until I can get a replacement, which won't happen till I get paid from the last writing job I had, etc., etc. Anyway, more soon ....